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This journal has gone friends only. Old unlocked entries will likely remain that way until I find spare time and will to lock them. Comment to be added.

Hurrah! Yes, yea that is Hugh Laurie aka House. He also played the most entertaining Prince Regent on the BBC's Blackadder. It's a fantastic show. You should watch it.

Si, Se Puede

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I think I have now officially posted this video in every outlet available to me. I wish I could buy the song on iTunes. Because I do have an Election 2008 play-list, thanks for asking :P


across the world, travel girl
I put most of the 'good stuff' (and it's debatable both that 'good stuff' exists in this particular context and that there's any noticeable quantity of it) over at Nerdgasms now, and have clearly been neglecting LJ. I'm not really here, it's an illusion (Michael!). I just want to ask you all a favor.

But first a quick update! I had a rather nightmarish return from the US, where I waited for over 6 hours at Heathrow for a National Express coach back to Leicester. I hate National Express, their approximately 6x a day route to Leicester (and 3 or 4 other places, so the bus is mobbed), the unreliability of an open return ticket, and the unreliability of air travel that necessitates an open return ticket. Thank God my friends Jenna and Kat were at the airport too or I probably would have lost my mind. I went for almost 30 hours without sleep on that particular travel.... no fun!

When back in Leicester I got to speed-write the WORST paper ever. It involved filling out the documentation paperwork that would be required if you were accessioning an object into your museum collections and then--get this--writing a 4,000 word essay explaining how you filled in the 3 forms. There is just no way to make that sound smart. It reads like it was written for small children. If you know anyone with an IQ of 70 who wants to learn how to document museum accessions, I'm your girl.

Then I've had some class and stuff. Currently I'm doing laundry. I don't know how I can stand this whirlwind life of mine; I clearly have exemplary stamina.

And now for my request: If you know anyone (American citizen) currently living outside of the country with an interest in politics who might want to contribute to a group blog about Election 2008, could you please point them in my direction? I'm trying to set one up, and am particularly looking for conservatives if you know any. They're a bit harder to find outside the US. I'm also NOT looking for anyone who fits the profiles of Jenna and myself, since we've probably got the 'over-privileged white kid with her head up her ass while temporarily living in England' demographic pretty well covered. I'm leaving this entry unlocked so you can send people my way if you (and they) feel so inclined. It's a Wordpress blog so anyone who is going to be added to it would need a Wordpress account. With a non-pornographic name. But it can be anything else!

Cross-posted approximately everywhere.

Deathly Hallows, aka "IDK, my BFF_____?"

mah epilogue is pasted on yey!!1!
I didn't actually plan on waiting this long to post my thoughts on the latest Harry Potter book. Things like dead computers and LJ blackouts stopped me at the precise moments I was feeling motivated, and the rest of the time I was busy being my usual lazy self. When I was initially reading people's reaction posts I was on Yossarian (my 5-year-old Dell craptop) and all the windows I left open caused the computer to freeze, forcing me to restart and lose everything. Know that there were a lot of sentiments I wanted to echo, but I'm unable to recall who posted them and where. Alas, there will be a lack of citation.

I know most of you are probably sick of hearing people's Harry Potter reactions by now anyway. For those of you who still find such things novel, HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!Collapse )

Things I loved:Collapse )

Things I didn't like very much at all:Collapse )

The parts where I cried, or at least teared up a little:Collapse )

Character development, or lack thereof:Collapse )

Unanswered questions, theories, etc:Collapse )

Fics I want to see:Collapse )

I know I'm forgetting 32498209834 things. Oops.

I CAN'T WAIT for the movie version of this. I have no idea how they're going to pull it off, but it will be fantastic.
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Many of you are W&M grads who have been (somewhat) following President Gene Nichol's dramatic first year in office. Who wants to ignominiously unseat him today? What controversy is he embroiled in? How does he write such delightfully well-composed emails?

I am here to tell you that he has now done something utterly beyond the pale, and someone had better alert the religious right: Gene Nichol has broken my computer.

I am pausing so that you may all gasp dramatically.

Various issues that I don't want to delve into just now resulted in Big Gene taking a running leap and body-slamming Blackadder into a catatonic state of brain death. I am currently writing this from Yossarian who, after all, managed to escape in that raft.

I have one of those shadow box picture frames that have a spot for your graduation tassel, and it has a picture of me with Big Gene. I'd estimate that about 5/6ths of the picture is concerned entirely with Gene. This frame is located on my desk, above my computer. Bla bla bla, knocked askew, BAM!! The combined weight of Gene Nichol and yours truly descends onto Blackadder. Visibly unharmed, Blackadder tries to rally to yet another round of my WizRock playlist, but this valiant effort fails. His screen goes blank, and all attempts at a restart result in a blank grey screen...

Having lost all of my music, pictures (and, most importantly, saved Favorite Places in Firefox...these mostly have to do with Very Important Information Concerning England) I was distraught. Of course, when I retold the story I had to laugh (a bit hysterically) when I realized I was describing events as though Gene Nichol had actually thrown down with a witty and regicidal British man.

So, in summary, Blackadder has this habit of trying to unseat those in power. Gene Nichol has a habit of crushing his enemies beneath his well-shod feet of justice. Blackadder forgot his silver cigarillo case today, and lo it was a day he did not live to regret.

Lastly, just to spoil you, the first person to die in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was MY COMPUTER.

I swear to God, I just need to find a name that will not connote anything untoward about my computer. I have some in mind but I can't talk about them until July 22nd or 23rd. 0;)

Book Reading Competition!

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I don't know why I'm doing this since I very much doubt I am going to win, but I'm entering saradoxical 's "50 Books or Somesuch" competition. I don't read very fast and I don't read as often as I ought to, but it gives me an excuse to share my reading list with you all :P

I guess I should put a cut-tag before I clutter your f-lists with this entry...Collapse )


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